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Free SMSF Trustee Help

After spending more than 20 years in the SMSF industry I have decided to offer Free SMSF Trustee Help to assist Trustee’s not to fall foul of superannuation laws.


By working exclusively as an SMSF auditor for past 12 years, I have seen Trustee’s make inadvertent errors they could have easily been avoided had they asked for help before taking action.


Some common known problems within the industry are:
  1. Using a related party builder to carry out work on a Fund property.
  2. Lending Fund monies to a related party.
  3. Buying artwork in a SMSF that don’t comply with R13.18A
  4. Mistaken contributions received by the Fund.
  5. Members not meeting the work test before the Fund Trustee accepting contributions.
  6. The Fund investing in a prohibited investment, for example an in-house asset.


  • Only compliance help will be provided, and no strategic advice considering your personal circumstances will be provided.
  • No written advice is provided, however we may send you links to relevant websites or media articles to assist with your query.
  • Our comments during our telephone conversation are our off the cuff initial thoughts and not specific advice that should be relied upon.
  • If you require specific written advice that can be relied upon we recommend you seek advice from a Specialist SMSF Lawyer.
  • We may not be able to assist in every query, as you would appreciate superannuation is a complex area.  However we should be able to direct you to an appropriate reference to assist with your query.


Contact me to discuss

If you require assistance please do not hesitate to call me on (03) 9249 9669 or send me an email